Australian SharePoint Conference 2010 takeaways

Last week we had a fantastic SharePoint conference and thought of putting up a link list of few tips and tricks picked up. Great mix of technical/business sessions covering all pillars of SharePoint 2010.

On the technical Track =>

  • Deep dive into feature versioning and upgrade support in SharePoint 2010 by Jeremy Thake was great with full of content of how you upgrade solutions declarative and imperative paths. VS 2010 F5 during dev time do not help much in really testing your upgrade code in practice. Build the .wsp in vs2010 and use Powershell ISE for the rest.
  • Use splimitedwebpartmanager for adding a web part to a site imperatively and setting web part properties.
  • Great white paper on  SharePoint Content & Application Lifecycle Management Guidance from Jeremy. Check it out here
  • It was great catching up with Todd Bleeker. CKS Development Tools  provide nice feature upgrade enhancements and few more dev productivity tools.
  • Checkout SharePoint 2010 Extensibility Projects which extends VS2010  with following templates.

                  1. Silverlight and SharePoint project template
                  2. SharePoint Ribbon project template
                  3. OBA Deployment project template

  • SharePoint 2010 Word Services, combined with the OpenXML SDK rocks. Great session by Andrew Coates
  • Remoteblobstorage in sp 2010  for very large file storage including any steaming media for better performance and ease of database file size management.

On the business/end user track =>

  • Sharepoint 2010 is a single unified platform for supporting entire organizational information architecture with  knowledge management, content management, document management and record management. Enjoyed the information architecture session by Gayan Peiris and Rai Umair. Metadata navigation,Document ID, Document Sets are great brand new new features of SP2010 . Specially liked ability to define record management policies on content types too.

On the IT Pro track =>

  • Migrate and upgrade to SharePoint 2010 with restructure in mind. In place upgrade is largely theoretical. Database attach upgrade is recommended for most scenarios. Think about the possibilities of virtualizes some of SP2010 farm environment roles except database role. 

Had an awesome time at #auspc, meet lots of awesome people and big thank you for the organizers.